How We Help

Here are some issues that Bloomington Hypnosis can help you with:

Quit Smoking With HypnosisStop Smoking

Once a person wants to Stop Smoking, Hypnosis is the way to go. It takes just one session! A person walks into the office as a smoker and walks out a NON-SMOKER, with NO withdrawals, NO Weight Gain and NO Deprivation, NO Pills or Patches. It’s by far the easiest and most comfortable way to Stop Smoking today.

Stress Management with HypnosisStress Management
Stress management is such a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately, as stress causes so many health related problems. Bloomington Hypnosis uses powerful hypnosis techniques to help her clients overcome their stress and make a permanent change to the way they deal with life.





And here are some more ……..

1. Anger Management

2. Anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders

3. Anxiety and Stress

4. Asthma

5. Bad Habits

6. Bed Wetting

7. Behavior problems

8. Blushing

9. Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

10. Business Motivation

11. Concentration

12. Confidence Building

13. Coping with bullying

14. Depression

15. Driving Test Nerves

16. Ego Strengthening

17. Emotional Issues/Bereavement

18. Enhancing creativity/overcoming ‘blocks’

19. Exam / Test Nerves

20. Exam performance

21. Fear

22. Fear of Flying

23. Fear of the dentist

24. Fears and phobias

25. Goal Achievement

26. Habit removal – overcoming nail biting, procrastination etc.

27. Hair pulling

28. I.B.S. and digestive problems

29. Insomnia

30. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

31. Lack of confidence

32. Lack of self esteem

33. Learning and exams

34. Migraines

35. Motivation

36. Nail biting

37. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

38. Overcoming phobias

39. Overcoming the effects of past trauma

40. Pain management

41. Pain Relief

42. Panic Attacks

43. Performance Enhancement

44. Phobias

45. Public Speaking

46. Quitting smoking

47. Regression

48. Relationship Issues

49. Relaxation

50. Self Esteem

51. Separation Anxiety

52. Sexual Problems

53. Shyness

54. Skin Disorders

55. Sleeping difficulties

56. Smoking

57. Social Phobias

58. Stopping Smoking

59. Stress management

60. Stress Relief

61. Tics and Habits

62. Travel Sickness

63. Weight Loss