Fears and Anxieties

Reach Your Worthy Goals


Date: 08/05/14

Bloomington Hypnosis has been of great benefit to me.

I originally looked into this program as I do believe the body and brain can heal themselves if we learn how to allow it to.

So after the initial interview with John, I was willing to give it a try.

Through the exercises and affirmations, I have actually cleared away some hindering things I realized were keeping me from achieving…

RheaRetiringBloomington, IN

I came to see John because I had a great crisis of anxiety and lack of confidence.

We started with my fears,
and then started treating a problem that I did not know I had.

A big part of your achievement will belong to you
as you follow the guidance and counsel of John’s coaching.

The techniques he taught me will be useful for the rest of my life,
and that is invaluable knowledge.

More than a recom…

Columbian Lawyer Finds Help with Anxiety

Date: 7/20/16

I sought John’s help to stay calm and thinking clearly in situations
where someone triggers something sensitive in me, especially in meetings.

He taught me how to do this,
and now it is up to me to practice every time I am in a challenging situation.

He then expanded on this, anticipating other personality traits
that are impeding my progress in personal and professional life,
and I…

John Has So Many Tools

Date: 11/11/15

I wanted to see if my coughing is psychosomatic.
I still don’t know!
But I am so using the tools John has given me.

I feel calmer more often than not.

I am constantly saying, “All I need is within me now!”

I listen to the recordings we’ve made.

I even catch myself repeating to people what John has said to me
– being positive, smiling, and so on.

I know all these messages are plant…

Retiree Reaps Many Benefits from Coaching

Date: 3/22/16

I wanted to improve my self-confidence,
and John helped me to do this using guided meditation (hypnosis) techniques.

John’s comfortable demeanor and relaxing tone of voice gave me reassurance during my visits.

I am now feeling more at peace and comfortable being in my confident self!

I am also thankful for learning to use the power pose to up my game in life!

Washington, …

Self-Confidence Improves

Date: 03/11/14

I came to Bloomington Hypnosis for several things that had to trouble me for the past ten years or so.

Many of these were personal issues and struggles that I have tried herbal remedies for and even prescriptions from doctors. None really truly worked.

John Hunckler helped me realize the root of all my anxieties and fears was my lack of confidence. It wasn’t the problems I thought t…

PaulSalesBloomington, IN

Date: 5/26/16

I sought out Mr. Hunckler
because I was looking for a hypnotherapist
to resolve some relationship issues.
I had not been able to move beyond a certain point and finally sought help to do so.
After several sessions, my life in general lightened up
and I felt and still feel I am on a stretch of good “karma.”

In other words, many prayers have been answered,
including my original intent,

Relationship Issues Resolved

Date: 05/05/14

This journey started long before I walked through the door for help.

My weight had become a burden to me.
Inside and out of me.
A burden.

I was not able to move my body freely through space. I lumbered. I needed strategies to begin a new phase of my life.

Retiring in May from my job, I wanted the last part of my life to be full of movement, laughter, joy. I had not felt those thing…

CateTeacherMitchell, IN

Date: 8/30/16

I brought my son to see Mr. Hunckler for intense anxiety/fears he was struggling with
in hopes he could learn coping mechanisms and just all around have some peace within himself.

I see that he has found it possible to relax in intense situations
and find good thoughts to combat the negatives that even bothered him while sleeping.
As a mom, I’ve also learned how to help my son calm…

Mother Finds: “It’s Definitely Made a Difference in My Son’s Anxiety”

Date: 9/23/16

I intended to accomplish my goal of lessening my anxiety about certain fears in life,
and I feel I have come pretty far from where I was when I started.
I have learned a few tools to help me when I get into a rut in life.

I feel more calm in situations, where before I was not.

I would definitely recommend this program
to anyone who is suffering from any type of anxiety or addiction.

Lessening My Anxiety and Fear