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Hypnosis for Weight Loss and Weight Control

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Bloomington Hypnosis has been instrumental in helping people lose weight with no struggle or deprivation.  Bloomington Hypnosis helps people become slimmer and healthier, with no diets, no pills, no shots, no struggle!

Date: 04/24/14

For many years my goal has been to lose some weight, but instead the excess pounds gradually mounted up. This year I decided to try hypnosis. After six weeks, I’m quite satisfied that it is helping. And I see no reason why this can’t be a permanent lifestyle change.

Its positive effects even seem to carry over into other areas. I’m more efficient about grocery shopping. I used to be…

RobertaRetired EditorBloomington, IN

Date: 09/30/14

I came to John Hunckler at Bloomington Hypnosis this past June because I wanted to lose (a lot of) weight. I wanted to stop being so dependent on M&M’s, especially, but all chocolate. (I once had a pound-a-day habit.)

I ate [M&M’s] when I was celebrating something –
or when I was feeling sorry for myself.
In fact, I never really needed a reason,
and I had them accessible wherever I …

CherylWriter/PhotographerBloomington, IN

Date: 03/10/14

I used hypnosis to easily quit smoking many years ago, so I thought I’d see how it works for losing weight.

I used to hit the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral and have pancakes, an omelet, and I’d still have dessert, too.

Since coming to Bloomington Hypnosis, I have found it very easy to eat the right foods, at the right times, in moderate amounts. I’ve lost almost twenty pounds in…

RobertRetired GeologistBloomington, IN

Date: 07/07/14

I was introduced to John Hunckler at my favorite lunchtime eatery, BuffaLouie’s in Bloomington, and was immediately drawn to him.

I went to my first hypnosis session, asking only for assistance in losing weight, but I’ve gotten so very much more from just my first four sessions.

Not only have I quit all candy from my diet
(I had been eating M&Ms profusely for over fifty years!),

CherylWriter/PhotographerBloomington, IN

Date: 05/05/14

This journey started long before I walked through the door for help.

My weight had become a burden to me.
Inside and out of me.
A burden.

I was not able to move my body freely through space. I lumbered. I needed strategies to begin a new phase of my life.

Retiring in May from my job, I wanted the last part of my life to be full of movement, laughter, joy. I had not felt those thing…

CateTeacherMitchell, IN

Date: 11/11/13

I came wanting help losing weight.

I have had success 13 years ago but didn’t keep it off, and in the past 5 years couldn’t lose more than five pounds, and always gained it right back.

I couldn’t find the will power to be successful at weight loss. I told John I had no will power and like to eat too much!

I started hypnosis and discovered that the more I listen to the CD’s, the more…

KarenEvent ManagerBloomington, IN

November 4, 2015

I came to John to alleviate my struggles with weight loss.
I have previously spent multiples of dollars on gimmicks,
gym memberships,
and weight-loss programs.
All these things I did well at until I stopped going . . .
or gave in and ate something I was told I couldn’t have.

Then I would end up where I started . . . or worse!

The tools that John has given me have allowed me to…

You Are Worth It!

Date: 01/14/14

I came to know of John through my work (I am a nurse).

I originally planned to get help (for someone I love dearly) in smoking cessation.

Instead I received the desired “help” for myself.

John came into my life when I needed him most. I came to him stressed, overweight, unable to relax or easily fall asleep.

Through working with him, I have discovered a “new” me. A new confidenc…

DonettaNurse ExecutiveBloomfield, IN

Date: 05/13/14

I went to John to help with my food cravings.

I was eating too much and it was affecting my health.

After a couple of weeks, my cravings were gone.
I have lost several pounds
and I also have more focus and energy.

If you really want to lose weight you should see John.

GeorgeRetired Electronics TechnicianBloomington, IN

Date: 01/27/14

It is very likely that I would have gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since that has happened in previous holiday seasons.

But thanks to John at Bloomington Hypnosis,
not only did I not gain weight,
but I lost 2 pounds after Thanksgiving
but before Christmas, and 3 pounds in January!

The more I listen to my hypnosis CD’s, do my fitness, and eat plenty of fre…

KarenEvent ManagerBloomington, IN