Hypnosis for a good nights sleep
If you suffer from insomnia then you will know how annoying it is being kept awake at night and being unable to sleep. When we get asked if Hypnosis can help with Insomnia we are pleased to tell our clients that it definitely can. We first uncover the reasons why you are being kept awake and unable to sleep properly and will help you to resolve the issues which are stopping you from sleeping. You won’t believe the difference!

Date: 10/03/13

Working with John has helped me.

Hypnosis has given me a greater sense of self-mastery and the hypnotic state has helped me explore my intuition and thus tap into my creative processes.

Hypnosis helps shape the climate of my mind, proving to be a tool to help change myself. It has helped me study, sleep, and build confidence.

In order to figure out what to change, I also turn to sel… Read more

SamNurseBloomington, IN

Date: 01/14/14

I came to know of John through my work (I am a nurse).

I originally planned to get help (for someone I love dearly) in smoking cessation.

Instead I received the desired “help” for myself.

John came into my life when I needed him most. I came to him stressed, overweight, unable to relax or easily fall asleep.

Through working with him, I have discovered a “new” me. A new confidenc… Read more

DonettaNurse ExecutiveBloomfield, IN

Date: 10/07/14

I came to Bloomington Hypnosis to stop smoking after 15 years.

Soon after leaving my first session, I threw away all my cigarettes with no hesitation… even my emergency smokes I kept in a separate place!

I truly believed I was done.
I’m now two weeks smoke free.
I haven’t had a cigarette since before my first session.

The desire to smoke is still present, but the urges aren’t as str… Read more

TroyEngineerBrazil, IN

Date: 07/15/14

When I first came in to see John, I was taking a sleeping pill six days a week.

In the last six weeks I have had only two.

I’m sleeping much better with his help.

I would recommend Bloomington Hypnosis to anyone who is having an issue with anything.

SharonReceptionistBloomington, IN

Date: 01/27/14

It is very likely that I would have gained 10 pounds over Thanksgiving and Christmas this year since that has happened in previous holiday seasons.

But thanks to John at Bloomington Hypnosis,
not only did I not gain weight,
but I lost 2 pounds after Thanksgiving
but before Christmas, and 3 pounds in January!

The more I listen to my hypnosis CD’s, do my fitness, and eat plenty of fre… Read more

KarenEvent ManagerBloomington, IN

Date: 04/24/14

For many years my goal has been to lose some weight, but instead the excess pounds gradually mounted up. This year I decided to try hypnosis. After six weeks, I’m quite satisfied that it is helping. And I see no reason why this can’t be a permanent lifestyle change.

Its positive effects even seem to carry over into other areas. I’m more efficient about grocery shopping. I used to be… Read more

RobertaRetired EditorBloomington, IN