John Hunckler, MS Ed, MBA, CH

John HuncklerJohn Hunckler was introduced to transcendental meditation,  zen, and hypnosis in the 1970s, but did not become a certified hypnotist until 2011. He worked for eighteen months in a busy practice in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he conducted almost two thousand sessions before opening his full-time practice — Bloomington Hypnosis.

People Learn to Stop Struggling – and Relax

Bloomington Hypnosis is unique in its field in its emphasis on teaching self-hypnosis to help people improve their lives. John explains, “Almost everyone has experienced the hypnotic state (daydreaming, getting lost in a story or a play, or while driving a familiar highway). I teach clients how to use that ability to relax and focus – in order to plant seeds in their subconscious of the habits they want to develop. Whether it’s to quit smoking, to get thinner, fitter, and healthier, or simply to reduce stressful responses to life’s challenges, hypnosis can help. I help people learn to stop struggling with their willpower and relax easily into their real power — the power of the subconscious mind directed by conscious choice.”

Retirement Career

John’s life experience and his compassion, coupled with his ability to teach others in the path to positive thinking and habits, place him among the best at what he does. He holds master’s degrees from the Universities of North Dakota and Notre Dame in education and business. He has built his career on student-centered learning and self-improvement both in the classroom and in the workplace with Dale Carnegie and Associates. “This is my retirement career,” John says of his practice. “I plan to follow this path as a hypnosis coach and self-hypnosis instructor as long as my life allows.”

For twenty years, John lived in West Lafayette, where he helped raise his three children, Kindra, Matt, and Josie. Kindra assists at childbirths and harnesses the power of hypnosis to help women experience easier deliveries. Matt graduated from the Kelley School of Business and founded Verge in Indianapolis. Josie will graduate from IU this spring and plans to use her arts management degree to open an artist-friendly coffee house someday.  John holds office hours in Bloomington four days a week, so that every Friday, he can take his three-year old grandson, Liam, to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

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