18-Year-Old Finds Stress Relief

Date: 10/25/16

When I started seeing John, I was feeling stressed almost every day
and overwhelmed almost every day.
He has taught me to cope with the stress, but more importantly
how not to stress over things outside of my control.

I have learned how to let go of things from the past
that only hurt me by holding onto them.
In this time, I have lost a job that I loved,
but I traded it for a job with better pay where I also get to work with friends.
I also have moved out to live with my two good friends.

I would definitely recommend this to others.
(It has even helped me stop biting my nails when I am nervous or stressed.)

I don’t know the extent of my own personal problems or hold-ups, but this coaching
has helped me become aware that I can make it through any problematic situation.

Male High School Student
Ellettsville, IN,

18-Year-Old Finds Stress Relief