Decades-Long Smoker Kicks the Habit Without Irritability

Date: 10/03/13

I went to John for help to quit smoking.

I’ve been a smoker on and off since I was 15, and for the last ten years mostly on.

I’ve quit multiple times only to fall back into the grasp of the horrible habit.

After my first visit with John I did not pick up another cigarette.

I can’t explain it. I was free.

The irritability I felt in my previous attempts was not there.

I no longer feel guilty because I no longer smoke.

I am aware of a new type of control I have.

I can use many tools I have been given at any time of the day.

They are easy to use and prove to be my lifeboat in many aspects of my life.

I am forever grateful.

MarySecret SmokerBloomington, IN