Eleven Weeks Later And 25 Pounds Lighter Cheryl Feels Even Better

Date: 09/30/14

I came to John Hunckler at Bloomington Hypnosis this past June because I wanted to lose (a lot of) weight. I wanted to stop being so dependent on M&M’s, especially, but all chocolate. (I once had a pound-a-day habit.)

I ate [M&M’s] when I was celebrating something –
or when I was feeling sorry for myself.
In fact, I never really needed a reason,
and I had them accessible wherever I went.

They were the security blanket I’d had since childhood (though in much more moderate amounts back then – only a quarter pound a week!). I’m 65 now.

After my first session with John, I ended up eating the rest of the gigantic party bag from Sam’s Club – and have not bought since! I just don’t want them anymore!

Oh, by the way, did I mention I’ve lost 25 pounds of fat (not just the weight of all those M&M’s), and bought new clothing for myself, in addition to cutting my hair?!

CherylWriter/PhotographerBloomington, IN