Engineer Kicked the Habit With No Hesitation (Sleeping Better Too!)

Date: 10/07/14

I came to Bloomington Hypnosis to stop smoking after 15 years.

Soon after leaving my first session, I threw away all my cigarettes with no hesitation… even my emergency smokes I kept in a separate place!

I truly believed I was done.
I’m now two weeks smoke free.
I haven’t had a cigarette since before my first session.

The desire to smoke is still present, but the urges aren’t as strong as in the past when I’ve tried to quit. I faithfully use the tools John gave me, and they get me through when nothing else ever has.

I’m also sleeping better, and I’m able to fall asleep faster.

I was skeptical about this. Open your mind and give this a chance.

Use these tools. They will work for you if you want them to (too)!

TroyEngineerBrazil, IN