Former Smoker No Longer Skeptical Now Recommends Hypnosis

Date: 11/26/13

I have truly been changed by my experience with John of Bloomington Hypnosis.

I finally have a set of tools that are always with me, easily accessible, and foolproof in keeping me on track of my goal — being smoke free.

I can now say that I used to do that and I don’t smoke anymore.

This is a huge accomplishment as I have smoked since I was 15, and have quit (unsuccessfully) many times.

I came to Bloomington Hypnosis a little skeptical about how it would work. But I now believe in the power of hypnosis completely and have recommended it to my husband and my friends.

There are very few moments in our lives that we can say,
“That moment changed my life forever.”

But by going to John at Bloomington Hypnosis, I can say that.

I created that change and I am living it every day moving forward.

ElizabethSales/MarketingBloomington, IN