Hypnosis “Sealed the Deal” for Me

Date: 3/10/17

I did my first session with John when I was about five days clean of tobacco,
and it totally “sealed the deal” for me.

John met me where I was,
and has coached me through staying clean through two additional sessions.

What I’ve enjoyed most about working with John is his wisdom and understanding of my story.
He really listens to me and is respectful of my desires,
and he wants me to reach my goal of staying smoke free.

Since the first session, a few weeks ago, I remain tobacco free
and have never felt healthier or more confident in my ability to quit.

John has equipped me with some tools/strategies
that I’ll continue to use for self-healing
as other obstacles are thrown in my way down the road.

I’d highly recommend John to anyone who is committed to quitting smoking.

Mike, Indianapolis, IN

Hypnosis “Sealed the Deal” for Me