Improved Study, Sleep, Confidence, Creativity, and Problem Solving

Date: 10/03/13

Working with John has helped me.

Hypnosis has given me a greater sense of self-mastery and the hypnotic state has helped me explore my intuition and thus tap into my creative processes.

Hypnosis helps shape the climate of my mind, proving to be a tool to help change myself. It has helped me study, sleep, and build confidence.

In order to figure out what to change, I also turn to self-hypnosis.

In this relaxed state my mind has more resources available to create vivid imaginative scenes and work out problems I would not be able to solve as easily in my usual waking state.

It seems that in this state I am connected to an internal intelligence and creativity that is usually less available. With the new answers, I can apply them to my life.

After working with John, I feel confident that I have had behavioral change and improved self-mastery and creativity.

SamNurseBloomington, IN