John Has So Many Tools

Date: 7/20/16

I sought John’s help to stay calm and thinking clearly in situations
where someone triggers something sensitive in me, especially in meetings.

He taught me how to do this,
and now it is up to me to practice every time I am in a challenging situation.

He then expanded on this, anticipating other personality traits
that are impeding my progress in personal and professional life,
and I’m working on those.

John will not take away your problems, but he will guide you
to develop the skills you need inside yourself to solve your own problems.

He has so many tools in his tool kit.
Every session was packed with techniques that will help me grow to my highest self.
I benefitted from the sessions themselves,
and I also now have so many cool practices that I can continue to use
that will keep me on this path.

I definitely recommend his services.

Sharon, Bloomington, IN

John Has So Many Tools