Positive Effects of Hypnosis Carry Over into Other Areas of Life For This Retired Editor

Date: 04/24/14

For many years my goal has been to lose some weight, but instead the excess pounds gradually mounted up. This year I decided to try hypnosis. After six weeks, I’m quite satisfied that it is helping. And I see no reason why this can’t be a permanent lifestyle change.

Its positive effects even seem to carry over into other areas. I’m more efficient about grocery shopping. I used to be at the grocery store almost every day and used that as an excuse to buy whatever goodies appealed to me. Now I shop less often. My grocery expenditures have shrunk a bit overall: less time in the store means fewer impulse purchases. I’m exercising more consistently and seem to sleep better too. I even procrastinate less about household chores. The weight is slowly coming off, but that may not be the only benefit here; I’m looking forward to being healthier in general.

Most of us have at least one bad habit we’d like to be rid of. Often it’s almost a reflex action, with no thought involved. Hypnosis interferes with this mindless behavior, making it less of a struggle to reach one’s goal. It reinforces desirable behavior patterns, making it easier to say no to caloric treats, for example. It doesn’t say YOU MUST NOT DO such and such; but it gives us the tools to make an informed decision about the action and perhaps a better choice. If nothing else, at least we aren’t indulging in our bad habit without even realizing it. Over time the wiser choice prevails and the bad habit withers away from disuse.

Some people think hypnosis is weird or scary, or even magical. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s merely a sensible technique to help one’s mind and body work together to make constructive choices most of the time, and ultimately all of the time.

RobertaRetired EditorBloomington, IN