Reducing Stress: – Fundamental In Hypnosis – A Bonus to This Event Manager

Date: 11/11/13

I came wanting help losing weight.

I have had success 13 years ago but didn’t keep it off, and in the past 5 years couldn’t lose more than five pounds, and always gained it right back.

I couldn’t find the will power to be successful at weight loss. I told John I had no will power and like to eat too much!

I started hypnosis and discovered that the more I listen to the CD’s, the more committed I am to eating the right foods at the right times in the right proportions, and I had the added bonus of being stress free!

I started this program the month before my busiest two weeks of the year at work. If I had stopped to consider how difficult my life is at that time of the year, I might have waited to begin hypnosis until after those two weeks were over to give it my full attention.

I am glad I didn’t wait, because the CD’s had already removed stress that would have been counterproductive, and it made those two weeks much easier. Bonus!

KarenEvent ManagerBloomington, IN