Retired Business Manager Finds Learning Self-Hypnosis To Be Very Self-Empowering

Date: 11/17/13

I have never met a professional who is as intuitive as John Hunckler.

I have always believed that what appears to be a problem is usually something entirely different. My first meeting with John was no exception.

He realized in no time at all that what I originally came to discuss was not the real issue that needed to be explored.

It was one thing to undergo hypnosis, but to be taught self-hypnosis was extraordinary and very self-empowering.

I am so grateful to John and to Bloomington Hypnosis. You showed up at the right and perfect time.

It is my fervent hope that more and more people will understand the benefits of hypnosis and make their lives better with each passing day.

DebraRetired Business ManagerBloomington, IN