Retired Geologist Easily Loses Almost Twenty Pounds In Seven Weeks

Date: 03/10/14

I used hypnosis to easily quit smoking many years ago, so I thought I’d see how it works for losing weight.

I used to hit the breakfast buffet at Golden Corral and have pancakes, an omelet, and I’d still have dessert, too.

Since coming to Bloomington Hypnosis, I have found it very easy to eat the right foods, at the right times, in moderate amounts. I’ve lost almost twenty pounds in just seven weeks.

My son and daughter-in-law can’t believe it.
When they go with me to Golden Corral now,
I have a salad and a nice piece of fish.

Then I come back from the dessert line
with some peaches or pears,
and they can’t believe it’s me making those choices.

I have 15 more pounds to go to get to my target weight. It should be just a matter of time… and my new habits, which are running on their own.

RobertRetired GeologistBloomington, IN