Runner Gets Pain Relief

Date: 09/12/13

I have been doing long-distance running since 2000.

My knees (especially the right side) started to hurt and I used to use Advil to control the knee pains. I went to see John about the possibility of using hypnosis for pain relief. He said it can be done.

John taught me a simple technique to relieve the pain,
one that requires concentration and to some extent belief.

I was going on a weekend six-mile run. After about two miles or so my right knee started to feel pain. I tried to run it off and it did not go away.

I used John’s technique to focus my mind and imagine that a huge ice pack was wrapped around my right knee. Strangely, after a minute or so, the pain went away. Within a mile or so the pain returned, and I used the same technique again and the pain disappeared for the rest of the run.

I used the technique a few times and the pain seemed to have disappeared each time.

I am a physicist. I do not want to say that something works, or not, based on one piece of evidence. I need more evidence to convince myself that hypnosis works. But for that one particular weekend run, the technique that John taught me seemed to work for my pain relief.

Chee-WaiPhysicistBloomington, IN