Teacher, Retiring, Finds a New Lease on Life

Date: 05/05/14

This journey started long before I walked through the door for help.

My weight had become a burden to me.
Inside and out of me.
A burden.

I was not able to move my body freely through space. I lumbered. I needed strategies to begin a new phase of my life.

Retiring in May from my job, I wanted the last part of my life to be full of movement, laughter, joy. I had not felt those things in too long. I found myself focusing on weight, trying to reach a new normal of controlling food portions and choices. In three sessions, I am startled to find I am doing just that, truly a new normal!

My days are less stressful even though the same events happen, I have strategies to lower the anxiety.

CateTeacherMitchell, IN