Ten Weeks Later (Now Retired) Cate Continues to Make Personal Progress

Date: 07/15/14

When I began [with other programs], I felt the answer was not in the weekly weigh-ins or collective meetings.

I felt it was all in me.

This [Bloomington Hypnosis] approach to weight issues has worked for me. I feel like a normal person. That is a huge accomplishment for me.

I had felt, before hypnosis, that I was trapped.
No answer.
A slow descent into an early death… by my own doing.

I had tried everything.
Nothing worked.

[Now] I work in fitness classes, I drink lots of water, I eat at reasonable times.

I can move through space more easily now.

Lab reports came back within normal ranges. My blood pressure has never registered so well.

CateRetired TeacherCity/State: Mitchell, IN