Thank You, John!

Date: 11/2/15

I came to John to work on how to shed some weight.
The tools John has provided have helped with curbing my desire for certain foods.
What was not expected was how he has helped me in so many other areas of my life!

The first thing I noticed was the improved sleep!
I had not had a good night’s sleep for so long.
The next thing I noticed was my overall understanding of
how I was not caring for myself in the way of hours worked,
how stress was beating me down,
and how it was all having a negative effect on my life.

All of these things had a direct effect on my weight.
But more importantly, they had a direct effect on my overall wellbeing!

John has helped me in so many areas that were never thought of before.
I know that with his continued help, my ongoing use of these tools, and dedication . . .
weight will slowly drop off of me in a healthy way.

I will be much healthier in many ways.
Thank you, John!

Female Executive
Bloomington, IN

Thank You, John!