Two Months Later, No Desire to Smoke!

Date: 9/21/16

I went to see John in July to get help with my smoking problem.
I had tried several times to quit on my own in the past.

It has been two months, and I have had no desire for a cigarette!
My friends cannot believe I am no longer a smoker.
My children are so proud of me.

During the first session, my emotional attachment to tobacco was removed,
and that was reinforced through the CD’s and affirmations.
This choice has created much more space in my mind for other things (besides addiction).

I highly recommend John as a life coach / mentor.

If you want to change a behavior you feel you have no control over,
he will convince you otherwise.
Works like magic, based on science.

Thanks so much for everything, John.

Bloomington, IN

Two Months Later, No Desire to Smoke!