You Are Worth It!

November 4, 2015

I came to John to alleviate my struggles with weight loss.
I have previously spent multiples of dollars on gimmicks,
gym memberships,
and weight-loss programs.
All these things I did well at until I stopped going . . .
or gave in and ate something I was told I couldn’t have.

Then I would end up where I started . . . or worse!

The tools that John has given me have allowed me to empower myself to have
better self-control, more confidence, and the power to realize what triggers my self-indulgences.

I know that by continuing to utilize the tools provided to me
(meditation CDs, power pose, and daily gratitude assignments),
I will continue to live a healthier life
and pounds will drop without me focusing on them.

Each day, I strive to make it the best day, letting go of things and not stressing over them.
If you truly want to know what you’re capable of,
you just have to dig a bit deeper
and know you’re worth all the good things that are happening.

Fiscal Coordinator
Bloomington, IN

You Are Worth It!